Using technology already being leveraged globally by sound designers and music producers, BASSpak is a technological enhancement for anyone in video, sound, and music production.

BASSpak can be used for monitoring both on stage and in the production room. Use the haptic feedback to feel the low frequencies you may not be able to hear without cranking up the volume on your headphones or speakers. This tactile audio system delivers immersive bass along with more resolution and range than headphones or speakers. Whether doing sound for video production or for music production, BASSpak can help to enhance your ability to create exactly the tones and frequencies you want.

Frequency Range:  1HZ – 200HZ

Portable / Wearable

BASSpak is a portable production solution that you can take with you anywhere! Wear it like a standard backpack to take it with you hands-free.


BASSpak is the most affordable tactile audio system on the market! We are the best quality for the best price.

Noise Ordinance Solution Technology

Late-night creatives rejoice! Say goodbye to noise complaints! BASSpak is a silent technology like silent disco headphones. No one other than you will hear a thing outside of anyone close enough to hear the unit vibrating. Looking to connect to a Silent Disco system for parties? Silent Sound System has the only headphones on the market with a proprietary output jack to connect BASSpak and other wearable bass products.