BASSpak is the perfect silent disco accessory!

Don’t miss that heart-pounding feeling you love at amplified music events just because you’re at a silent disco… FEEL the bass without the presence of speakers using BASSpak paired with Silent Sound System! Silent Sound System’s proprietary output jack makes their equipment the only silent disco headphones on the market compatible with BASSpak.

What’s a Silent Disco?

Never heard of a silent disco? It’s an event where everyone who takes part wears wireless headphones to be able to hear the same music options as the rest of the audience. There are no speakers at a traditional silent disco. There are one to three audio channels that are broadcast via transmitters connected to audio sources playing various artists, DJs, or styles of music throughout the event. You use the channel switch on your headphones to select what you would like to listen to for the event. It’s like a choose-your-own-music adventure! Silent Sound System explains the concept more fully in this blog.

When paired with Silent Sound System, BASSpak becomes the ultimate accessory for these events. The number one complaint naysayers have about silent discos is that they can’t feel the pounding vibrations like they can with events that have speakers. With BASSpak, you can feel the pounding bass from the music — even without speakers!

BASSpak’s sleek design allows it to easily be slipped on and enjoyed while dancing to the music you’re hearing in your silent disco headphones. Completely portable and wearable, so it’s hands-free. You’ll only need to adjust the intensity knob to feel more bass!


Using the Silent Sound System Wireless Transmitter, Headphones, and BASSpak, you can take your party anywhere! All products come with a rechargeable battery inside. Using these systems, you can add music and vibration to hiking, camping, biking, outdoor yoga, sound healing, mobile dance parties, and anything else you can imagine. With BASSpak, you won’t miss that bass-pounding feeling, even in the middle of a field!