BASSpak is the ultimate silent disco accessory, and it has many more applications for everyday use! This incredible, wearable invention uses haptic feedback to let you FEEL the bass of the music to which you are listening. Each BASSpak comes with wired headphones for use with your favorite audio device, and it is also compatible with Silent Sound System’s proprietary headphone output jack for use at silent discos.

Vibrations can heal and soothe. BASSpak can be used for sound healing or to enhance the everyday listening experience of any audiophile. Use BASSpak to feel low frequencies you might not hear while doing music production or on-stage monitoring. Be more inclusive to those who are hard of hearing, deaf, or who have sensory sensitivities like autism or PTSD by providing a different way to experience music! In addition, it’s a great way to enhance your PC or console gaming experience. No matter how you use BASSpak, it’s a powerful haptic tool that will change the way you experience music.

FEEL concert-level bass and musical immersion— without speakers!

We believe this haptic technology should be as accessible to the average person as possible so everyone can experience wearable bass for themselves. That’s why we focus on keeping our prices affordable and our stock available, as well as continuing to innovate to create the best possible product. We hope the care we put into giving you the best quality at the best price shows with every product we sell.

BASSpak now has two options: our original model (pictured below on the left) and our newest model (pictured below on the right). Our newest model has a sleek, aerodynamic design and more powerful transducers for that true bass-pounding feeling. The original model is even more affordable and offers backpack storage space in addition to the haptic technology inside. The original BASSpak is great for hiking or travel due to its compact and lightweight size and additional storage pockets.

Rear View

We are proud to partner with Inclusion Festival, part of Accessible Festivals, to bring this inclusive technology to their festival and events. We are grateful to Silent Sound System for creating a proprietary output jack that allows users to connect our technology to their silent disco headphones. They are the only silent disco headphones on the market that allow you to connect auxiliary bass products, like BASSpak.

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