Futurize Gaming and Your Home Theater

Whether you’re a casual or professional gamer, you’ll love that you can not just hear but also FEEL the sounds of your favorite video games with BASSpak! This high-tech wearable subwoofer features powerful transducers to send vibrations to your muscles and spine that will make you feel like you’re actually inside the game. Easily control BASSpak’s volume and bass vibration intensity with the control panel and intensity knob. BASSpak is plug-and-play; simply use the input/output jacks to connect BASSpak to your controller.

Fully Immersive

BASSpak features powerful pounding transducers and acts as a wearable subwoofer to create maximum immersion into your favorite video games, movies, or music, no matter where you’re sitting or standing!

Compatible with Gaming Consoles

Use BASSpak’s wired connection and Bluetooth function to connect the system to your favorite gaming consoles. Most consoles allow you to plug in directly to the controller using an auxiliary cable.

Bluetooth Connection

BASSpak has the ability to go wireless using the Bluetooth function on the control panel.