Monitor on-stage with BASSpak to ensure every note is hitting just right!

BASSpak can be used for monitoring both on stage and in the production room. Use this powerful haptic technology’s polyphonic vibrations to feel the lower-end frequencies you may not be able to hear without cranking up the volume on your headphones or speakers. Whether doing live sound for music or video production, BASSpak can help enhance your ability to create the perfect tones and frequencies you envisioned. The frequency range for BASSpak is 1 HZ – 200 HZ, which includes subsonic frequencies unable to be heard by the human ear!

Client Testimonial:

“BASSpak offers an entirely new dimension to on-stage monitoring.”

Vince Insalaco, Solo Artist, Member of Green Jellÿ

Vince Insalaco, with his guitar, by the mural outside of BASSpak headquarters.