BASSpak can help any event become more inclusive!

It can do so in various ways that can help people with intellectual or physical disabilities, as well as those with sensory sensitivities.

When paired with Silent Sound System, BASSpak becomes the ultimate Silent Disco accessory. Silent Discos are sensory-inclusive because they allow those with sensory sensitivities, such as autism or PTSD, to control the volume of the noise level they are experiencing. They can also fully remove the headphones and have control of the sound in that way, as well. This means that they can stay in a social setting for a longer period of time than they may have been able to if the music was playing loudly over speakers as everyone tries to talk over it. Loud settings can produce sensory overload and be a reason why someone with sensory sensitivities would have to leave an event when they had no control over the volume, even if they were having a good time otherwise. To ensure everyone can stay and party or dance as long as they’d like, a Silent Disco is the most inclusive option.

BASSpak‘s vibrations can be soothing to some people and have a calming effect. This can aid in helping to put those who are sensitive to social situations at ease and help them to overcome their anxiety. For an avid partier, BASSpak is a way for those who love the pounding feeling of the bass to still maintain that feeling at a silent disco even without speakers.

FEEL Your Music

Even on its own, BASSpak allows those who are deaf or hard of hearing to feel the bass of music so they can still participate in events featuring amplified music even if the event doesn’t have powerful enough speakers for them to feel the vibrations that way. Although they won’t feel every tone of the song, the bass pounding to the beat can still help people to feel comfortable dancing and participating with everyone around them.

People of all kinds find the vibration of BASSpak to be enjoyable and relaxing to help soothe social anxiety, as well!