Connect to your smartphone and experience BASSpak using your favorite streaming service!

BASSpak can be used to listen to your favorite playlists on the streaming service of your choice. Use this powerful haptic technology’s polyphonic vibrations to feel the lower-end frequencies you may not be able to hear without cranking up the volume on your headphones or speakers. The frequency range for BASSpak is 30 HZ – 200 HZ, which includes subsonic frequencies unable to be heard by the human ear!

If you’re looking for a place to start listening to BASSpak, check us out on Spotify. We have multiple playlists that have been hand-selected by our team to get the most out of BASSpak from an array of genres. Keep scrolling for more information about how to find BASSpak on Spotify below.


Use BASSpak on your daily walk to fully immerse yourself in your music.

A man in winter clothing stands in front of a patch of English Ivy while listening to his phone playlist using BASSpak.


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